How to Spot Fake Designer Goods

How to Spot Fake Designer Goods

Buying second hand designer pieces can be tricky.

Here are some tips you can use to authenticate a designer piece when you’re shopping second hand.


Ask for authentication records.

Most designer goods come with cards or certificates to attest to the authenticity of the design. Be sure to ask for details, receipts, or certificates that should come with the piece.


Evaluate the quality.

It pays to know the difference between faux materials and the real deal. Examine the stitching, trimming, and design details that “make” the piece.

Research the brand.

Certain designers have authorized resellers that they work with personally to assure the quality of the resale experience. Search for the authorized resale agents ( if any) to ensure the credibility of the shop.

Evaluate the dupes.

A great way to learn how to spot a fake is to examine actual known fakes. This will give you some insights on what to look out for when you’re trying to authenticate a piece you want.


The luxury authentication process can be tricky but its worth developing your own skills especially if you're a real sustainable hottie. You can always pay for authentication services or depend on the brand you're dealing with to provide the real deal but you never know when the skill will come in handy. After all with major resellers getting outed for selling dupes disguised as real pieces you can never be too safe maneuvering the resale market.

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