Sustainable Fashion : What is it?

Sustainable Fashion : What is it?


What is Sustainable Fashion?

For something to be sustainable it has to be able to continue on without the exploitation of earths natural resources. Sustainable production includes clothes made from natural materials than can be easily biodegraded into earths soil. The most clothes that are made from organic cotton, hemp, linen, pinatex + more.

The Supply Chain

Sustainability is desperately needed through out the entire fashion supply chain. From concept and design all the way to distribution and delivery. Luckily researchers have found a solution to the over industrialization of fashion. A system of interconnecting parts that work together to create a circular integration, otherwise known as a circular economy. Purchasing locally sourced, used, and sustainable fashion items are our best bet if we want to ensure a sustainable future.

Product Lifespan

According to the EPA, most clothing items can only last for about 3 years before they are discarded. This has to do with the quality of the pieces major fashion brands produce that lack quality and true value. This is why its important to understand how a product is made so you can make the best purchasing decisions.

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