Sustainable Style Do's + Don'ts

Sustainable Style Do's + Don'ts


Don't: Throw your clothes away. Donate or resell them, the less textile waste in the landfills the better!

Do: Be conscious of where you shop + why. Try not to support fast fashion + try finding sustainable places to shop like thrift/consignment shops. Sustainable brands will always be "in style".

Don't: Shame people for their fashion choices. Encourage others to learn more sustainable ways of consuming rather than shaming them for shopping fast fashion.

Do: Make sure you take care of your clothing pieces. This will ensure your ability to make your clothes last longer and prevent you from making more textile waste.

 With sustainable style, think more long term and invest your energy into making your pieces last longer. The next time you go to throw a piece of clothing away, ask yourself if it can be upcycled or repurposed. The world is yours.


Stay Fly + Stay Conscious


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