Sustainable Style : From concept to product.

Sustainable Style : From concept to product.

Sustainable Materials

Microfibers from synthetic fabrics are polluting the earth's waters due to laundering. Microfibers are tiny threads that are shed from fabric. 

One study found that 34.8% of microplastics found in oceans come from the textile and clothing industry and the majority of them were made of polyester, polyethylene, acrylic, and elastane.

The materials that make up the fabrics used directly impacts and contributes to: consumption of water, microplastic pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation, rainforest destruction and lastly landfill waste of epic proportions.

A Fabric Guide :

Natural Fabrics : Organic Cotton, Organic Hemp, Organic Linen, Organic Bamboo, Cork, Reclaimed Deadstock,

Semi Synthetic Fabrics : Modal, Pinatex, Apple Leather, QMilk, Woocoa, S.Cafe

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