What is Up-Cycling?

What is Up-Cycling?

Have you ever turned nothing into something? Up-cycling is kind of similar to that.

What Is It?

Up-cycling is the process of taking old or disregarded textiles and using them to make something new. The whole point of up-cycling is to make something valuable out of something that isn't so valuable.


How to Do It?

There are so many ways to up-cycle a piece of clothing. You can dye, cut, and  rework your fabric any way you desire.


Why Do It?

Save the landfills! No but seriously have you ever wondered where your old clothes go after you disregard them? They end up in sitting in a landfill with trillions of tons of other garbage. 

Believe it or not people have been up-cycling their pieces since the beginning of time, how else can you make sure no one else can copy your look?

The next time you find yourself needing something new, try up-cycling one of the pieces you already have. If not you can always indulge our up-cycled collections.







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